About 'Life Science Database Cross Search'

Searching service across life science database which include literatures and patent publications.

How to use

This page shows how to use 'Life Science Database Cross Search'

Keyword search

Please type your search phrase into the search box.

Database search refinement

Search with clicking on the 'hit number' radio button, you will get hit number of search result on each database category.

If you click category name or database name, you will get the refined search results.

Gene search refinement

You can get refined results by gene name from related gene search on the right side of search result page.


This system is developed on a full text search engine application, 'Elasticsearch'.

For the purpose of Japanese-English translation, we are using 'Life Science Dictionary' (Life Science Dictionary Project, Kyoto University).

Database list

'Database list' is provided from the link of upper menu bar.

You can download Shift_JIS/UTF-8 encoded zip archived file.

About PDF file

PDF files provided from this service is only for personal use.

Service collaboration

This service collaborates with following services.

 • Integbio Database Catalog

 • Life Science Database Archive

Database cooperation

This service cooperates database index with following organizations.



 • METI / AIST molprof



Hit number of 'All databases' category is rough number.

Occasionally character corruption occurs on PDF Viewer of Firefox.

If you'd rather not use PDF Viewer, you can use a PDF reader plugin like Adobe Reader(see below).